Xioami Smartphones in Brazil within 3 Months, Road to Going Global Begins

We’ve been hearing rumors that Xiaomi is looking to go global, and with the recent announcement that Xiaomi smartphones are heading to Brazil this nearly confirms this. Xiaomi has just announced they will begin selling many of their Xiaomi smartphones in Brazil within the next three months.

Brazil is the first of many other markets around the world that is rumored to start selling the third best-selling smartphones. The Chinese start-up expanded to the Indian market where they have been having huge success, and it’s only a matter of time before they make their way into other markets.

Xioami Smartphones in Brazil within 3 Months

To help keep costs down, Xiaomi Brazil may be looking to manufacture handsets within the country instead of importing. Compared to other countries, Brazil has a relatively high import tax which has deterred others such as Motorola and LG to do the same.

The large import tax is put in place to offer a cheaper solution to selling Xiaomi smartphones in Brazil which also helps boost the local economy. Xiaomi alone could bring thousands of jobs to the local Brazilian market which is ultimately a smart decision for the Brazilian government.

We’ve been hearing a lot that Xiaomi smartphones in US may become a reality this time next year, and other countries such as Germany, UK, Australia, Russia, and Turkey by the end of this year. There’s no denying that consumers worldwide are starting to take notice, which is just what Xiaomi is wanting to see.

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