Xiaomi Mi5 Rumors; New Patent Suggests Fingerprint Scanner for the Q3 or Q4 Release

We knew it was coming, and Xiaomi has made it all but official. We’ve just learned of a new patent that was just applied for that would integrate fingerprint technology into a handset, and there’s only one reason for doing so. We’ve been speculating with our Xiaomi Mi5 rumors that the new handset would feature a fingerprint scanner, and now it’s almost official.

The leaked Xiaomi patent would place a new layer of glass over the home screen which would presumably be for the addition of a fingerprint scanner. The layer of glass would add a sensor as well as protecting the sensitive aspects of the scanner itself.

Xiaomi Mi5 Rumors Fingerprint Scanner Technology

The latest Xiaomi Mi5 rumors comes as no surprise as the 3rd leading manufacturer continues to impress all of us. If the above rumors holds true, it would be the first Xiaomi smartphone to feature such a security measure which would make it comparable to other high-end smartphones.

Integrating a fingerprint scanner into the Mi5 concept is likely to change the release to a late Q3 or early Q4 release. The new technology would take time for production, and with some of the latest rumors pointing to a summer release it will be a stretch to say the least.

Other Xiaomi Mi5 rumors suggest the specs will feature a 5” screen with a UHD resolution, 20 MP rear camera, 7 MP front camera, and a very respectable 3200 mAh battery.

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