Rumors; Xiaomi Mi5 Price and Release Date for China and India

New rumors suggest we’ll be waiting longer than expected for the debut of the next Xiaomi flagship called the Mi5. Early reports suggested the Xiaomi Mi5 would be here this summer, but new information has us waiting until this holiday season for the release in China.

Many believe the Xiaomi MI5 release delays is contributory to two factors; a new patent that was recent signed based on fingerprint technology, and three more Xiaomi smartphone that will debut this summer. Release date rumors suggest a November launch in China and other Asian markets followed by the release in India which we’re hopeful before the end of this year.

Rumors; Xiaomi Mi5 Price and Release Date for China and India

The Mi5 is looking to be the best Xiaomi smartphone yet including a fingerprint scanner, 5.2” display, Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB RAM, 20 MP rear, and a 7 MP front camera. We’re also hearing rumors on a Xiaomi Mi5 Plus that will debut in China at the same time and will be a premium, bigger version. The Mi5 Plus will share some similar specs, but more RAM and a larger 5.8” display.

Sporting premium specs, the Mi5 will be the most expensive Xiaomi smartphone yet, but still significantly cheaper than other flagships from Apple, Samsung, and LG. The China Xiaomi Mi5 price is expected to launch for 2800 China Yuan, or $450 USD. The Plus will be even more, and is expected to be in the 3100 CNY range ($499).

The India Xiaomi Mi5 is almost certain, and consumers are hoping to see the Mi5 Plus launched around the same time. It’s uncertain if the Plus will make it to the Indian market, but based on the huge success Xiaomi smartphones have had in the growing market it may be safe to assume it will. The expected Xiaomi Mi5 price in India could be Rs. 25,700, with the Plus coming in at Rs. 28,800.

We’ll continue to bring you the latest confirmations and rumors for the Xiaomi Mi5 release in China and India including the launch day prices as soon as we get it.

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