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Worldwide Xiaomi Smartphone Release Date Rumors; Consumers Gain, but Who Stands to Lose the Most?

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The following Xiaomi smartphone release date rumors are expected to change the face of the entire industry for years to come as the top two manufacturers are already taking the most notice. Xiaomi has become a household name in China and India, and pretty soon will be seen in many markets where they are still unknown. Starting with this year’s release of the Xiaomi Mi5 and next year’s Xiaomi Mi6, we’re expecting to see a paradigm shift in the smartphone industry.

Xiaomi has become the third leading company in regards to smartphone sales, and is currently competing with the big guys in such a limited market. Starting this summer, the worldwide Xiaomi smartphone release date rumors suggest they will be featured in many European markets including the UK, Germany, and others. We’re fully expecting to see a UK Xiaomi Smartphone release date made official with the MI6 something in June of this year.

Worldwide Xiaomi Smartphone Release Date Rumors

Next year’s Xiaomi Mi6 release is expected to extend even further. We’re hearing rumors the Mi6 will make its way to the US which will further impact the industry even more. With Apple and Samsung currently leading the way in smartphone sales worldwide, it will be interesting to see if Xiaomi can compete with the big dogs on the world’s largest stage.

Xiaomi has become known as providing the perfect mix of high quality tech with a budget friendly price. As seen in the Mi4 and other Xiaomi smartphone releases, we continually see a stunning concept that’s about half the price of Apple and Samsung flagships. If they to compete on a larger scale with the upcoming iPhone 7, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy Note 5, the price comparison will be huge to budget minded consumers.

Consumers will be the ones to make out the best as, and they really should be. Expect to see a shift as the three market leaders will directly compete with one-another in the coming years. With Apple and Samsung expected to lose the most if Xiaomi does decide to go global, this may even cause both to offer similar pricing options.

Stay tuned for much more as we’ll be covering all there is to know on the worldwide Xiaomi smartphone release date rumors with both the 2015 Mi5, and 2016 Mi6.

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