Windows 10 Mobile Release Date September, PC and Tablet Windows 10 July 29th

If you haven’t heard yet, the new Windows operating system is coming to PC’s, tablets, and smartphones with a release date that is right around the corner. Microsoft already confirmed the Windows 10 release date for PC’s and tablets will be July 29th, and now they’ve confirmed just when smartphone users will see the Mobile version.

The September Windows 10 Mobile release date will only be a couple of months later then PC and tablets which is pretty typical with previous Microsoft operating system launches. Many of the same bugs and glitches noted on the PC and tablet version are typically worked out by the time the Mobile version is released, which should be more of the same.

Tablet, PC, and Windows 10 Mobile Release Date

The mobile Windows 10 version will come preloaded on new phones after the official launch during late Q3. The new Lumia 940 smartphone by Microsoft is rumored to be the 1st Windows based phone running the new OS, but it’s yet to be made official.

Phones operating on the current operating system will be updated to the newer version sometime after. We’ll update you further on the official release date for Windows 10 Mobile as soon as we get it.