Will the Sony SmartWatch 4 Solve Design Problems?

Rumors are swirling around the upcoming release of the Sony SmartWatch 4 and hopes are high. The smartWatch market is still considered an emerging one and consumers are anxiously waiting to see a product that fully embodies both a sleek and stylish design and dynamic functionality.

While the Apple Watch, LG G Watch R and Moto 360 watch, among others, are capable of tracking health statistics, running apps and pairing with your favorite android phone, these early devices have tended be thick and clunky. They might be called watches, but some models look more like computers strapped to your wrist and less like a fashionable watch.


With the impending release of the update Sony SmartWatch 4, Tech gurus and consumers are looking to Sony to introduce a more stylish and understated wearable. Previous incarnations of Sony SmartWatches have featured a square design, while competitors have gone with a round watch face. There is some speculation as to whether Sony will improve upon the square design by making it thinner and more complimentary or if they will jump on the design bandwagon and follow the circular face trend.

Can the Sony SmartWatch 4 Deliver Form and Function?

Part of the problem is that there are high expectations when it comes to the performance capabilities of new smartwatches. Consumers have driven the Android market and demanded more features and capabilities and they are used to having companies respond quickly with new innovations. They are making those same demands of smartwatches, but it seems like manufacturers haven’t been able to keep pace as well. The reality is that it is truly challenging to produce a watch that is slim, stylish and capable of meeting high performance standards. Undoubtedly, we will get there someday, but smartwatch fans may have to settle for function and be patient as form catches up.

That being said, we still have yet to see what the Sony SmartWatch 4 is going to bring to the table. If anything, look a watch that isn’t all that different from the 3 model when it comes to product specifications, except when it comes to design elements. Hopes are high that we may see a smartwatch that actually looks like a fashion forward watch.

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