Wikipedia Android App Review and Free Download

Everyone knows the power of Wikipedia, and almost everyone has used the wealth of knowledge stored within the largest online database at one time or another. Now you can view the more than 20 million articles both online and off-line using the free Wikipedia Android app. This free Android app gives you the same great features as if viewing on any desktop device, and the mobile app now gives you the ability to save and view any webpage for off-line viewing.

The free Wikipedia Android app gives you information on virtually every topic imaginable, and right from your mobile Android device. Browsing more than 32 million articles and in almost 300 different languages will give you information on any topic imaginable. This free download can be installed on any supported Android smartphone or tablet for easy and quick reference, anytime, anywhere.

The Wikipedia app for Android allows you to search view picture or topic through the largest online data base of literary information. The easy to use interface and suggestions gives you relevant and good information on current events, local events, and historical events as well.

Wikipedia Android App Review

Wikipedia Android App Features

Below are all the top Wikipedia Android app features:

  • Supports more than 280 languages
  • Online and off-line viewing of more than 32 million articles
  • Suggestions based on your current search to give you more relevant content
  • Easy save feature makes it possible for off-line viewing
  • Easy and quick content search using swipe controls for a table of contents
  • Local information based on your current location

Free Wikipedia Android App Download

Below, you can easily install the free Wikipedia Android App download onto right onto your Android smartphone or tablet.

Wikipedia for Android Download

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