WebMD Android App Review

WebMd is more like a portable doctor as you can get medical diagnosis, seek information, give information, and find professional medical services in your area. The WebMd Android app is one of the most popular Android health apps that can be downloaded to your Android mobile device. The free health app gives you real-time information and you can even customize your own results based on custom inputs if you are looking for a medical diagnosis.

Using the free app on your smartphone or Android tablet is very easy. The intuitive display allows you to essentially self-diagnosis while getting advice on what you should do, and specifically how you should do it. Users tend to seek out medical related information for non-emergent medical situations using some of the many support tools including: Drugs and Treatments, Symptom Checker, First Aid, and Local Health Resource Listings.

WebMD Android

WebMD Android App Features

Check out the key WebMd Android App features below:

  • Learn what and how to treat illness based on symptoms using the Symptom Checker feature
  • Find any medical related condition imaginable with the most comprehensive library of medical diagnosis. Determine and learn about potential illnesses along with possible treatments, causes, and ways to prevent
  • Drugs and Treatments feature that enables you to learn about various medications along with indications, contraindications, side effects, and warnings
  • Search for local resources such as pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, and more
  • Create, store, and save custom lists and retrieve them from a different Android device through the WebMD Android app.
  • Unique Pill Identification Tool that allows you to determine a medication based on size, color, and other features
  • One click GPS directions to local resources using the in-app GPS feature
  • Email friends, family, and others links and information within the app with one click in-app email features

Free WebMd Android App Download

Get the free WebMd Android App download by accessing the Google Play Store link below. The free Android health app can be easily downloaded and installed onto any Android smartphone or tablet.

WebMd Android App Download

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