Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Release Date Update

Many have been asking about the delays with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge through one of the largest US Cellular carriers, Verizon Wireless. As of this time, the limited edition smartphone has been released by three of the top four US carriers including AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, but has yet to be released by Verizon. The recent delays on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release date has many worried, especially considering Christmas is only days away.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Release Date

When the Edge was officially announced by Samsung, it was believed that all US carriers would feature the launch before the end of the year. Now we’re not so sure, and as of this article there has been no official announcement from Verizon.

We are still believing that Verizon will feature the unique Samsung Galaxy Note Edge smartphone, and are still hopeful of seeing it in the next couple of days. On the Verizon website, consumers and current customers are able to preorder the phone, but there is no update on a specific shipping date as of this time.

There have been rumors that the recent Verizon release date delay is attributed to the integration of a Snapdragon 810 processor. As much as this sounds promising, the reality of it happening is highly unlikely. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge specs currently sports a Snapdragon Qualcomm 2.7 ghz quad-core 805 processor, Super Amoled 5.6” screen display, optical image stabilization, a 16 MP front-camera, and 3 GB of RAM.

You can sign-up for exclusive Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release info right on the Verizon website and you can preorder the phone as soon as the official launch date is determined. Due to the fact that they are still advertising the Note Edge tells us that they are still intending on releasing it. As time will tell when the above happens, we will continue to update you as soon as the official Verizon release date is made public.

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