Confirmed Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Release Date Today

There has been a lot of speculation as to the intentions of the largest US cellular carrier, Verizon, on the release date for the Galaxy Note Edge. With the other three big players in US cellular service having release the curved Note Edge weeks ago, there has still been noting out of the largest US cell phone carrier. This all ended this morning as we finally noticed the official launch of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release just hours ago.

This morning, Verizon abruptly started their Samsung Galaxy Note Edge US release date with on-line sales only. They have also announced that their local sales at Verizon retailers and other nationwide retailers will start tomorrow. This comes somewhat as a surprise, but there was much speculation on today’s release date but with much uncertainty with no public announcement until first thing this morning.

Another pleasant surprise was the price of the Galaxy Note Edge through Verizon. Customers will be happy to know that the Verizon price is much cheaper than speculated, and much cheaper than other carriers such as AT&T. The Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge price is only $799 compared to the launch price from AT&T which was just under $950.

As rumored, consumers can take advantage of the Verizon Edge program. Verizon offers a no money down installment plan option where the overall price of the phone is spread out over equal monthly payments. Without having pay a single penny today, you can purchase the Note Edge with only having to pay $33.33 for a period of 24 months. There is also a 2 year contract option for$399.

Hurry up and pick up your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge before their all gone using the exclusive link to the Verizon sales page below. With free overnight shipping, you can be playing with the new Edge by this time tomorrow.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Sales

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