Verizon has a New Limited Edition Metallic Droid Turbo, and it’s Really, Really Cheap

Verizon is now selling a limited edition Droid Turbo in Metallic colors including orange, violet, and blue. The limited edition variant will be available for a limited time, and the price of the metallic version is much cheaper than you would think.

The Verizon Limited Edition Metallic Droid Turbo is being offered on contract pricing, off-contract, and on the popular Verizon Edge. Those looking to the 2 year option will only pay $99 up-front, $499 for those not wanting to be tied down to a long-term contract, and $20.83/month on Verizon Edge.

Verizon Limited Edition Metallic Droid Turbo

The Metallic Droid Turbo sports similar specs as the standard version including a 2.7GHz processor, 5.2” Quad HD display, 21MP rear camera, and a 48 hour battery life with turbo charging. The Metallic version is currently only available with 32GB of internal memory, which for the average user is more than enough memory.

The metallic colors are seen as an outlay on the phones rear, top, and sides and adds a unique visual appeal that’s missing in the standard version. Verizon is also giving new customers $250 back when you switch to Verizon, trade in your current smartphone, and activate the Droid Turbo at any local Verizon store or through Verizon online.

You can purchase the Metallic Motorola Droid Turbo through Verizon via the exclusive link below.

Purchase the Verizon Metallic Droid Turbo in Orange, Violet, or Blue