Verizon Galaxy Note Edge Price the Cheapest Of any US Carrier

Many have been awaiting the Verizon launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, and this past Friday the long-awaited wait is finally over. Verizon customers can now finally get into what many have stated as the next generation of Android smartphones. Samsung has done a wonderful job of expanding on the best-selling Note 4 and making the Note Edge appeal to users of all tastes, but the best part yet is the launch Verizon Galaxy Note Edge price.

Prior to this past Friday, AT&T and Sprint customers have been enjoying the unique viewing experience of the Galaxy Note Edge. Now that that time has come, Verizon customers are now able to take advantage of the best with the much cheaper price of the Galaxy Note Edge.

Verizon Galaxy Note Edge Price

Both AT&T and Sprint have had excellent sales with their limited market release, but their launch prices are much more expensive than the Verizon Galaxy Note Edge price. AT&T for instance is currently selling the Note Edge for a full purchase price of $945. The price through Sprint is slightly less, but the $840 price tag is still more expensive than the $799 price through Verizon.

All three top US cell carriers offer both contract pricing as well as no money down installment options. Below is a side by side comparison between the top three US cellular carriers:

US Cell Carrier Full Price 2 Year Contract Installment Plan
AT&T $945.99 $399 $39.43AT&T Next – 24 months
Sprint $840 $429 $35.00Sprint Easy Pay – 24 months
Verizon $799 $399 $33.33Verizon Edge – 24 months


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