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Usemon Android App Review and Free Download

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Watching over all the processes and usage of your mobile device is important for all of us, especially if we are looking for ways of extending the life of our smartphones or tablets. Usemon Android does just that, and it gives a really good representation as well. The easy to understand graphical images makes it easy to understand all the difficult jargon and many terms that we may not fully understand.

Usemon Android app can be installed onto any supported Android smartphone or tablet, and gives us the ability of monitoring CPU usage, RAM allocation, traffic, and a whole lot more. The interface is easy to understand and the colorful graphs gives us a much easier way of understanding what we see.

Usemon Android App Review

Usemon Android App Features

These are the top Usemon Android app features:

  • Quickly and easily monitor CPU usage and processes – CPU, RAM, network, traffic, and more
  • Simple interface and very lightweight
  • Customizable widgets
  • Notifications via the status bar
  • Colored and visually appealing graphical images which displays process usages

Free Usemon Android App Download

Below is an exclusive free Usemon Android app download link.

Usemon download for Android

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