US Cellular Gives You $150 Cash Back and Pays Off Your Old Contract

Here in the states, the current cell carrier battle bodes well for consumers, and the new promotion by US Cellular looks to have customers coming back. The likes of Sprint and T-Mobile paying your way to switch carriers is being met by the latest US Cellular promotion where their looking to do the same, but give you $150 cash back as well.

The $150 cash back US Cellular promotion is good for new customers who switch carriers and they’re willing to pay off your old contract up to $350. The $150 cash back promotion is good for any new smartphone you activate, and there are numerous promotions for free and discounted phones.

US Cellular Gives You $150 Cash Back and Pays Off Your Old Contract

You can choose from any smartphone including the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 6, upcoming LG G4, and many more. All of the top smartphones can be found, and if you purchase online they will ship your new phone to you for free. US Cellular offers no money down installment plan options, two year contracts, or you can choose to buy the phone outright.

You can check out all the details below on the new promotion through US Cellular, get some money back, and have your current cell contract paid off.

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