Umano Android App Review and Free Download

If you’re tired of reading the same old news and are looking for a different take on current events, then why not listen to the news instead? This is where Ulmano comes into play, and this is what has made this free Android news app so special. Ulmano Android app takes all of the most current news events and gives you the ability to listen to them on your Android mobile device instead of just reading about it.

The Ulmano Android app uses professional voices that literally read some of the top stories from some of the most trusted news publications. You and listed to news articles from The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and many others. This news app gives you a great deal of variety as there are numerous news feeds to give you the most information while on the go.

Umano Android App Review

Ulmano Android App Features

Below, you will see all of the top Ulmano Android app features:

  • Listen instead of reading the news on any supported Android mobile device for free
  • One of the largest selections of published articles from some of the top magazines
  • You can easily download and save any publication or magazine for audio listening even while off-line
  • Integrated social sharing features with all of the top social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and email.
  • Integrated Car Mode for easy listening even while in the car
  • Language learning features to help you not only listen to the news, but learn different languages at the same time

Free Ulmano Android App Download

Access the instant free Ulmano Android app download below:

Ulmano Android Download

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