Top Android Smartwatches Reviewed; LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear S, and Moto 360 Specs, Features, Price

In this Android review we take an in-depth look craze of Android smartwatches and the best one’s on the market today. All three of the top Android smartwatches have recent releases, and all three are the current top sellers on the market. While all of them have differing aspects that helps set each one apart, they all have many similarities as well.

With the increasing popularity of wearable technology, there’s no wonder why smartwatch sales are expected to increase so much in the next few years. While many analysts believe that smartwatches will be the next big thing by the year 2017, many also believe they will replace smartphones as the hottest trend of mobile technology.

Below, we take a look at the current trends of the Top Android smartwatches currently on the market including the LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear S, and the Moto 360.

Top Android Smartwatches

LG G Watch R

The LG G Watch R was probably the most anticipated Android smartwatch of 2014, and seeing it I would have to agree. The new LG Android smartwatch gives users all the specs and features they would expect from a top Android smartwatch. The amazing 3” OLED display looks spectacular, but it’s large in stature has also become one of the biggest drawbacks.

4 GB of memory, 512 MB RAM, Qualcomm 1.2 ghz dual-core processor, and a rugged and very durable design. The longer battery life is one of the best features as it has been tested rigorously and runs continuously for nearly two days without having to be charged.

The price is probably the biggest concern as it’s one of the most expensive Android watches currently. With a steep US price of $300, there’s certainly many out there that are much cheaper. When looking at all you get though, some would say that the price is a small one to pay for something so awesome.

Samsung Gear S

The Samsung Gear S brings with it the first Android smartwatch that is able to function with the use of a smartphone. The Gear S has its own data connection which allows users to get the same great features such as making phone calls, sending text messages, and surfing the net. The drawback to this is that it requires a data connection through a local cell phone carrier which typically costs an additional $10/month.

The standalone data feature will surely be featured in many new Android smartphones upcoming as it truly breaks the barrier of being a secondary device. Users can still use the built Bluetooth feature which allows functionality between both the Gear S and compatible smartphone. Also, the Gear S is capable of 3G data connectivity.

The Gear S specs and features are somewhat comparable with the other two top Android smartwatches on this list. A 300 mAh battery, 2” circular display, two color options, and operating on the Tizen operating system. Most analysts would agree that the Android Wear OS is much better than the Samsung used Tizen OS.

Moto 360

The Moto 360 is the first real smartwatch with a circular design. This one only one of the many reasons why the Moto 360 makes out list of top Android smartwatches as it became an instant consumer hit. The unique display makes it look more like a traditional watch while it’s amazing features reminds us that it’s everything but.

The internet properties and ability to function like all others makes it comparable with other Android smartwatches, but it’s by far the best looking. Underneath it all, its lightweight, comfortable, unique light sensor, and wireless charging feature makes it a must have for consumers.

The simple and intuitive voice commands are probably the best of any of the top Android smartphones on the market today. The Moto 360 also features a dustproof and waterproof design for better superior durability.

The Moto 360 specs consist of a 1.5” LCD display with a 320 x 290 screen resolution, 4 GB memory, 320 mAh battery, and a Texas Instruments OMAP 3 processor. With a US Moto 360 price of $249, it’s comparable with the other two top Android smartwatches in this review.

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