TextSecure Android App Review

TextSecure is the perfect Android messaging app for those of you looking for a bit more security. The encrypted app allows users to securely communicate from one app user to another, and across a wide array of Android devices. The free messaging app provides the same text messaging features, but gives users a sense of security that other apps lack.

TextSecure Android is a newer app that was recently released after the extensive beta trial. The great news for downloading this app in the present form is that all of the standard updates have already occurred, which provides a great user experience.

TextSecure Android App

Aside from encrypting messages in transit, the app also encrypts messages presently on any device. It’s 100% free to become a TextSecure user and use a wide array of text messaging features. Also, the server used will not have access to any of your messages as it does not store any of the data. This maintains the long-term security, and again is 100% free.

TextSecure Android Features

Below is a complete list of TextSecure Android features:

  • Instantly connect with friends and family securely
  • Encrypted groups allows you to send text messages, pictures, and other data securely each and every time. No data is store on the server itself as no one will have access to groups, contacts, or messages.
  • Currently not for use with Android tablets, only Android smartphones. Android use will become a future feature of the app, but not at this time
  • Fast and instant free messaging service using the open source application. The first open source private messaging service that uses advanced and encrypted technology.

TextSecure Android Download

The TextSecure Android download is free, and is only supported on Android smartphones. There will be future updates to make the app compatible with tablets, but in the present form the app is not supported on tablets.

For your convenience, you can download the free TextSecure for Android app from the Google Play store right here.

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