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Tasker Android App Review and Download

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If you are looking for a way to virtually customize everything about your Android device and get the most out of productivity in one, then enter Tasker. The Tasker Android app is a top rated productivity Android app, and has become one of the most downloaded in recent years. There are two versions of the Tasker app for Android and supports most Android mobile devices.

The Tasker Android app has many different features and customization options that it will literally take you a great deal of time to figure them all out. Tasker reacts to different automations based on what you want to get out of it including alarms, notifications, date/time, time of day, and so much more. You can set specific actions based on many different presets.

Tasker Android App Review and Download

There is only one version of the Tasker Android app which is a one-time fee for $2.99.

Tasker Android App Features

Below, we have complied all of the top Tasker Android app features:

  • Over 200 plus actions
  • App creation and customizable scenes
  • Numerous actions including alert, app, audio, display, file, media, input, and more

Tasker Android App Download

You can easily install the Tasker Android app download with the link below:

Tasker Android App

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