T-Mobile Nexus 6 Wi-Fi Calling Update Now Available through an OTA Install

T-Mobile customers can now enjoy Wi-Fi calling on the Nexus 6 which is something that most have been calling for. The update was just spotted being pushed out to all Nexus 6 handsets, and is expected to take a few weeks before it reaches all customers.

The T-Mobile Nexus 6 Wi-Fi calling update has been getting rave reviews as there have been no bugs reported so far. The update will slowly be rolled out to handsets to make sure that no problems come up which is as quite typical.

T-Mobile Nexus 6 Wi-Fi Calling Update Now Avaialable through an OTA Install

The T-Mobile update was initially reported months ago, but delays in the actual roll-out have caused many customers to become frustrated. The update has already been seen in many of the other carriers worldwide, and has become a very popular feature.

Wi-Fi calling allows you to connect to a Wi-Fi and can give you cell service where you may not typically get it. This has become especially popular for those living in remote areas where T-Mobile service may be limited, or for those on airplanes, boats, and other locations.

You can check out T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling FAQ for more info for all you need to know. If you haven’t seen the update for T-Mobile Nexus 6 Wi-Fi calling, you will in a matter of time.