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Swype Keyboard Android App Review and Download

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There are two versions to the pioneer of swipe controls, and the Swype Keyboard Android app has evolved a whole lot over the years. Swype Keyboard has many new features that extends on the initial premise of swipe controls such as predictive text, handwriting interpretation, gestures, and the newest feature, Dragon Dictation.

Swype Keyboard Android app is a great productivity Android app, and has become one of the most popular keyboard apps. See why Swype for Android has been around for so many years, and why there’s presently well over 250 million users.

Swype Keyboard Android app review

You can elect to download the free trial version which will give you a taste of all the premium features for a full 30 days. After the 30 days are up, you can choose to upgrade to the premium version for only $.99 or stick with the free version.

Swype Keyboard Android App Features

See all the Swype Keyboard Android app features below:

  • Increases productivity significantly by cutting down the time from typing
  • Supports chat, email, text, sms, and more
  • Numerous customizable keyboard options including the duration of vibrating, size, portrait, landscape, and many more
  • Swype Keyboard integrates with Explore by Touch and Talkback for a complete user experience
  • Dictionary backup and sync your personalized setting across all supported mobile devices
  • Many personalization options including the look of the keyboard by changing out the theme
  • The Swype software learns your preferences and writing style which makes for better predictions
  • Integrated editor and dictionary features

Swype Keyboard Android App Download

You can download and install either the paid or free version of Swype through the exclusive links below.

Free Swype Keyboard Android App Download

Premium Swype Keyboard Android App Download

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