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SwiftKey Keyboard Android App Review and Free Download

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SwiftKey has become one of the top downloaded keyboard alternatives due to the many options and ease of use. For those looking to replace that boring and imperfect Android keyboard, then you will want to consider this 100% free Android app. The SwiftKey Keyboard Android app offers the best suggestions to help complete the words you type, and the best thing is that it actually works.

Unlike many other typing apps, SwiftKey Keyboard for Android makes sense and ultimately speeds up the time it takes to type. The intuitive controls and features is a must have app for those looking to increase productivity by saving a ton of much time.

SwiftKey Keyboard Android App Review

The free SwiftKey Keyboard Android app works will all formats including sms, text, email, chat, and more. The precise autocorrect and autotype features is not perfect, but as close to perfect as it gets when comparing this Android typing app to others presently out. Regularly updated and can be downloaded across most Android devices including tablets and smartphones.

SwiftKey Keyboard Android App Features

See all the SwiftKey Android app features below:

  • Has won numerous awards for auto correct, auto emoji, auto type, auto predict, and more
  • Supports over 80 languages world-wide
  • More than 800 Emoji’s and Emoji prediction
  • Supports SMS, chat, text, email, and more
  • Customize, resize, and change the look and feel of the SwiftKey Keyboard
  • Sync your own personal settings to the cloud and use across all mobile Android devices

Free SwiftKey Keyboard Android App Download

Get the free SwiftKey Android app download below:

SwiftKey Keyboard Android Download

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