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SugarSync Android App Review and Free Download

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There are numerous Cloud service Android Apps, but one of the best on the market that is free is SugarSync. The SugarSync Android app give you all the same great features of most online Cloud services, but adds some unique elements as well. The easy to understand and use interface makes this productivity Android app one of the best, and it’s a great choice for personal and business users alike.

The free SugarSync Android app gives you 5 GB of free storage where you can store pictures, spreadsheets, movies, songs, and much more. Cloud services make it easier to move data from one device to another for easy retrieval from work, home, or anywhere. The automatic backup feature gives you the peace of mind of having everything with you, no matter where you are.

SugarSync Android App Review and Free Download

The SungarSync app for Android syncs specific files or entire folders and saves you a ton of storage space on your smartphone and tablet. There is a free 90 day trial that gives you 5 GB of storage space free with no obligations. If you don’t like it after the 90 day trial, than no worries.

SugarSync Android App Features

Enjoy all of the top SugarSync Android app features below:

  • Sync files, songs, movies, pictures, spreadsheets across all devices including desktop computers, Android smartphones, and tablets
  • Automatically backup feature assures that your SugarSync folders are always up to date
  • Customizable settings include private viewing and sharing in editable versions or read-only access
  • Public link feature allows you to share large files and folders
  • Integrated features include editing apps to make it easier to edit pictures, documents, spreadsheets, and more

Free SugarSync Android App Download

You can access the free SugarSync Android app download through the exclusive link below.

SugarSync app for Android Download

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