Confirmed Sprint LG G4 Release Date June 5th, Preorder now

Sprint is the first US carrier to make their LG G4 release date and price details official as preorders have just opened. T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon have all announced they will carry the G4 on launch day, but have yet to give any specific launch day details as of yet.

The June 5th Sprint LG G4 release date is open for all consumers, and if you take advantage of preorders then you are guaranteed to getting one on launch day. It’s expected that the launch of the G4 will be huge worldwide, and launch day delays may be expected for those who wait.

Confirmed Sprint LG G4 Release Date June 5th, Preorder now

The Sprint pricing is very competitive with the other US carriers including 2 year contract, full purchase, and no money down payment options. For those looking for the contract option it will cost you $199 which is the same for other US carriers. Off-contract the price will be right around $600, and $28/month on the 12 month Easy Pay option and $25/month for the 24 month option.

LG is sweeting up the deal on the new purchase of a G4 where you can get a charging cradle, extra battery, and a 32GB micro SD card, all for free in this new LG G4 promo. The free promo can be used on conjunction when purchasing or preordering the phone directly through Sprint, which right, is expected to be delivered to you by June 5th.

Sprint LG G4 Release Date, Preorders, and Price Details

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