Signup For SoundHound’s Hound Beta, a New Personal Voice Assistant

SoundHound is looking to make a new impression on the Android community, and there asking you to sign up for a new Beta to prove it to you. SoundHound’s Hound is a new app that gives users a new take on having a personal voice assistant, and one that looks to take on Siri, Cortana, and Google Now.

The Hound beta is currently available as an invite only, and shares many similarities with other personal assistant apps on Android. The same information can be found through the simple command of “Okay Hound” which gives the personal assistant life, before audibly asking for something specific.

The unique feature that’s built right into Hound is users now have the ability to ask follow-up questions that are relative to any questions already asked. Say for instance you are looking inquiring about, “hotel prices in Daytona Beach, Florida”.

After receiving your answer you then follow-up with, “where are the best Italian restaurants”, and your answer will automatically be relative to the best Italian restaurants in Daytona Beach. Hound auto-recognizes these phrases and has the ability to simplify your questions asked.

To check out  all the features of the Hound Beta for Android, you first have to request an invite, and then download the Hound app for Android through Google Play.

Request an Invite for Hound Beta

Download Hound Beta from Google Play

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