Sony Xperia Z4 Release Date and Price Updates

The next model in the Sony Xperia Z series is already starting to turn heads, and when looking at the specs it’s easy to find out why. Virtually every aspect of the Xperia Z4 will be getting an overhaul including the camera, processor, screen, and more.  As we get closer to what many feel is the Sony Xperia Z4 release date, we are anticipating consumer interest to continue to increase.

The Xperia Z4 release date is rumored to be by the end of April 2015 in most markets worldwide. For a short time the Xperia Z4 was rumored to be a limited market release, but consumers will be happy to know this will not be so. The Z4 will first be seen in Asia as the Korean, Japan, and China Sony Xperia Z4 release date will be around the same time.

As is the case with most smartphone releases, their debuts typically start in larger Asian markets before making its way to the US and European markets. Many are saying that the US Sony Xperia release date will be by the end of April, which will be just before England, Germany, and India.

Sony Xperia Z4 Release Date

Sony Xperia Z4 Price to be Comparable with other 2015 Premium Smartphones

Something else that consumers will be happy to know is that the Sony Xperia Z5 price will be comparable with other flagship smartphones. There was speculation that the 2015 Z5 release would be more expensive due to the many concept changes. Now it seems like Sony is working one premium flagship per year which differs from years past with two releases.

This will ultimately help off-set the idea of any price increase as the declining sales over the past few years has been contributed to more than one release. With Sony looking to return to more of a conventional launch cycle that will start with the Xperia Z5, the Z4 should be the only Sony flagship we see in 2015.

Here in the states, the US Sony Xperia Z4 price is expected to be around $700 – 800 for the full purchase price. For new or renewal cell phone contracts, you can pick up the Z4 for just under $300 from any of the larger US cell carriers. Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T area all expected to carry the initial launch, with each having no money down installment plan options.

In England the UK Sony Xperia Z4 price will retail for about 575 GBP, and roughly 725 Euro in most European markets. Stay tuned for more info on the Sony Xperia release date and price as we will bring in all the latest updates well before anyone else.

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