Sony Walkman ZX2 Debuts at CES, with a $1200 Price Tag

One of the hottest tech devices that debuted at CES wasn’t a smartphone, virtual reality headset, or a drone, but instead, and old-fashioned walkman. Sony looks to bring back the days of the old, but with a huge touch of the new. The Sony Walkman ZX2 became one of the most talked about tech devices that was put on display at the Consumer Electronics Show, and it took many people by storm.

Sony has been known for retrofitting many devices of yesterday, and making them more to the liking of us for today. The walkman is yet another device that does this, and the new Sony Walkman ZX2 is yet another reason why we love new tech devices.

Sony Walkman ZX2

The new Sony tech device is being heralded as a feature rich walkman with some amazing high quality audio. This device will not be everyone as only serious audio enthusiasts will want to consider it when they see the $1200 price tag. While expensive, the Walkman ZX2 is being dubbed as the masterpiece audio theater in a handheld, portable audio listening device.

Aside from the audio components, this tech device has many outdated specs and features including the old Android 4.2 operating system. The two year old Android OS will detract some, especially considering the high end audio enthusiasts it will be marketed to.

No official Sony Walkman ZX2 official release date as of yet, but we are hearing that it will be seen in most markets by the end of this summer. Stay tuned for more info on the new Sony Walkman as we will have it here as soon as we get it.

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