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Sony Smartwatch 4 Rumors: Specs, Release and Price of the Next-Gen Smartwatch

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It has been several years since Sony released the Smartwatch 3. But we are still yet to see the release of the next-gen model. However, the launch of Android Wear 2.0 in February might push Sony to refresh its Smartwatch lineup. As a result, the Sony Smartwatch 4 rumors are surfacing around the web. In this article, you will find the heavily rumored features, price and release date of the device.


Sony Smartwatch 4 Rumors - Specs, Release and Price of the Next-Gen Smartwatch

Sony Smartwatch 4 Rumors: Specs

The Smartwatch 3 had achieved a huge popularity from the gadget lovers. However, it has several issues, including the inaccuracy of the GPS. However, the next-gen model will come with all the fixes. According to the Sony Smartwatch 4 rumors, the accuracy of the GPS will be extremely high. The device will retain some of the key features of its predecessor, including an NFC chip. However, this time, the communication protocol will be compatible with Android Pay.

The smartwatches with circular displays are doing better in the market. The Moto 360 2 is a prime example. However, Sony is very likely to stick with the square display for the Smartwatch 4. The reason behind the move is making the device look different from its competitor. It will provide the next-gen wearable device a unique identity in the market.

Talking about the design, the body of the device will be constructed with a premium material. We expect it to be metal, which will definitely provide a shiny look. Similar to the predecessor, the device will be dust and waterproof.

The Smartwatch 4 will retain the 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal storage. However, it will have an upgraded processor. We expect it to be Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear.

The capacity of the battery will definitely be over 420 mAh. It is expected to support the wireless charging technology.

Sony Smartwatch 4 Rumors: Release Date

All the recent Sony Smartwatch 4 rumors and reports are pointing to February 27. On this date, the Japanese tech giant will hold its highly anticipated MWC 2017 press conference.

Sony Smartwatch 4 Rumors: Price

The Smartwatch 4 is expected to come with a reasonable price tag of £250.

This is the end of the article. Keep in touch with us to find more Sony Smartwatch 4 rumors.

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