Sony Smartwatch 4: Potential Specification, Design and Release Date

It has been a year since Sony refreshed its Smartwatch lineup. As a result, rumors have begun to swirl throughout the internet about the release of the new version, called Sony Smartwatch 4.

Every wearable enthusiasts are really curious to know how the Sony Smartwatch 4 will look like. Moreover, different questions are swirling in their head, like “What will be its features? Will it be able to outsmart the major competitors, like Apple Watch? When will it be released?”

Read this article to get the answers.

Sony Smartwatch 4 Potential Specification, Design and Release Date

Sony Smartwatch 4 Potential Specification

Sony Smartwatch 4 is rumored to be equipped with a 5-inch LCD display, which will be covered by the Corning Gorilla Glass 3. As a result, the device will be scratch resistant, which will make it one of the most durable wearable products. The dustproofing feature is expected to be applied, which will help the device to retain its new and fresh look for a longer time. Sony Smartwatch 4 is also rumored to be equipped with the faster 3 GHz quad-core processor and 512 GB of RAM, which will make it the fastest wearable product in the market. Other notable features of the device are: 420 mAh battery, wireless charging option, HR, pedometer, GPS and 4G connectivity.

Sony Smartwatch 4 Potential Design

While the very first version of the Smartwatch line-up was a bit bulky, Sony continued to shave down the thickness in the later models. The Sony Smartwatch 4 will be no different. According to different rumors, the device will feature a sleeker design, which will take its look to a new level. The device will also be smaller than its predecessor, which will make it more compact and easier to use. Overall, the smaller and sleeker design will make Sony Smartwatch 4 a very appealing device in the global smartphone market, which will definitely generate a massive number of sales.

Sony Smartwatch 4 Potential Release Date

While no exact release date has been revealed yet, Sony Smartwatch 4 is strongly expected to be revealed in the third quarter of 2015. More specifically, the device is rumored to be introduced in either November or December.

Sony Smartwatch 4 Potential Price

Sony Smartwatch 4 will be tagged with a bit higher price in comparison to its predecessor. The device is expected to cost around $350.

Will Sony Smartwatch 4 be able to Outsmart the Major Rivals?

There is a strong possibility to happen so. Sony has got plenty of time to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the major wearable products, including Apple Watch. As a result, the Sony Smartwatch 4 is very likely to be equipped with stronger features, which in turn will enable it to outsmart its major rivals significantly.

Being equipped with the advanced features and tagged at a lower price than the Apple Watch, Sony Smartwatch 4 is expected to emerge as a major competitor in the global wearable market.