Sony Smartwatch 3 Review: The Best Wearable Device on the Market in Terms of Outstanding Performance

Sony has already grabbed a strong position in the wearable market by developing its devices with high quality components. The position has been strengthened even more with the help of Sony Smartwatch 3, the Japanese company’s current generation wearable device.

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed Sony Smartwatch 3 review. Let’s take a look at this awesome device.

Sony Smartwatch 3 Review - The Best Wearable Device on the Market in Terms of Outstanding Performance

Sony Smartwatch 3 Review – Smart Design

According to a Sony Smartwatch 3 review, the device doesn’t feature any groundbreaking design feature. Nonetheless, there is a great smartness in the design. The smartwatch contains rubber straps, which make it look more sporty and fashionable. Being small and light weighted, the device can be a perfect choice for the sports enthusiasts. The clasping mechanism has made the device more comfortable to use. So, in our Sony Smartwatch 3 review, we can safely recommend this device to the smartwatch lovers in terms of design.

Sony Smartwatch 3 Review – Simple but Effective Display    

Similar to the design, the display of the new device doesn’t have any innovative feature. In fact, a Sony Smartwatch 3 review bashes the wearable product for not having the AMOLED display. However, despite not offering a crystal clear view like the AMOLED screen, the performance of the 1.6-inch display is not that bad. It sports the TFT technology, which enables you to read in sunlight more comfortably. So, it definitely deserves a good feedback in our Sony Smartwatch 3 review with respect to the effectiveness.

Sony Smartwatch 3 Review – Top Notch Specs Ensure Outstanding Performance 

According to a Sony Smartwatch 3 review, the new wearable product is the very first Android Wear device to feature the GPS. Moreover, it has got Wi-Fi and NFC technology, which makes it a must-have device. It has 4GB internal storage, which enables you to store plenty of useful apps. The 420 mAh battery provides the smartwatch with a decent stand-by time of 96 hours. The device has also been equipped with the powerful 1.2 GHz Arm A7 processor and 512 MB of RAM, which makes it one of the fastest smartwatch of today’s market. So, in our Sony Smartwatch review, we definitely recommend this device to you if you are looking for a high-performance wearable product.

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