Sony Smartwatch 2 Review for the Middle-Class Consumers

Most of the people always tend to go after the devices of new versions. However, these new models are often tagged at such a high price that is beyond the financial capability of the middle-class consumers.

As a result, some of the middle-class consumers wait until the price of the device drops after the release of its successors. If you are than kind of person and looking to buy an outstanding wristband, this article is perfect for you, which covers the Sony Smartwatch 2 review.

Being released in 2013, the price of Sony Smartwatch 2 has been dropped significantly. Thanks to the new Sony Smartwatch 3.

Let’s read this amazing Sony Smartwatch 2 review.

Sony Smartwatch 2 Review for the Middle-Class Consumers

Sony Smartwatch 2 Review: Water Proof and Scratch Resistant Display

The Sony Smartwatch 2 has been equipped with a 1.6-inch LCD display. It has been tagged with the IP57 rating. That means, the display is water proof. The screen also features the scratch resistant technology, which enhances the duration of retaining the new look significantly. For these reasons, the display definitely deserves a good feedback in our Sony Smartwatch 2 review.

Sony Smartwatch 2 Review: Smarter Design Takes Your Fashion to a New Level

The Sony Smartwatch 2 possesses a very smart design. The inclusion of silicon and metal bands have made the device look much smarter than the other wristbands in the market. Whether you wear casual T-shirts or formal office suits, the smartwatch suits perfectly with any dress. So, in our Sony Smartwatch 2 review, we can safely recommend it a perfect device to all the middle-class fashion enthusiasts.

Sony Smartwatch 2 Review: Decent Hardware for the Middle-Class Consumers   

The Sony Smarwatch 2 sports a single-core ARM Cortex processor, which has a clock speed of 180 MHz. Though it might sound really poor with respect to other top rated smartwatch bands, like the Apple Watch, the processor speed is sufficient for the middle-class consumers to run different apps comfortably. It also features Bluetooth and NFC technologies through which you can maintain communication with other devices. All these features have made us to regard it as a decent device for the middle-class consumers in our Sony Smartwatch 2 review.

Sony Smarwatch 2 Review: Amazing User Experience

With this device, you can easily handle your Android phone calls, along with viewing messages and emails, notifications, calendar schedules and other people’s Facebook statuses and Tweets. You can also use the music remote extension for handling the songs on your phone. Moreover, the wristwatch is very responsive to touch. All these things result in an amazing user experience. So, in terms of user experience, we will recommend this device to the middle-class buyers in our Sony Smartwatch 2 review.

Sony Smartwatch 2 Review: Significant Drop in Price

Despite being priced at $200 in 2013, the Smartwatch 2 is currently available at $126.99. As a result, the price of the device now falls within your budget range.

This is the end of our Sony Smartwatch 2 review. Keep in touch with us to get more reviews of outstanding wearable products.

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