Sony Smartwatch 2 Review – A Perfect Device for the Cost Conscious People

Sony Smartwatch 2 was released on September 2013. So, it has become an old smartwatch. However, there are so many people around the world who love to purchase the old devices, rather than the new ones, because the price decreases gradually! If you are that kind of cost conscious person and looking to buy an old Sony Smartwatch 2, this article is perfect for you.

Read the Sony Smartwatch 2 review before going to the stores.

Sony Smartwatch 2 Review – A Perfect Device for the Cost Conscious People


While I find a Sony Smartwatch 2 review saying that the device doesn’t have a great design, I will say that the look is much better with respect to the price, which was $199 in 2013. In fact, it has a better design than Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch. It has a glossy black slab of plastic, glass and metal, which makes it look really smart. The device has also a polished silver bezel, a flat screen and the Sony logo above it, which takes its classy look to a new level.


The Sony Smartwatch 2 has a 1.6-inch TFT LCD display, which has a resolution of 220×176 pixels. Though its performance is not as good as the AMOLED display, it is not necessarily a bad one. The TFT display remains always on. That means, you can always see the time on the display. You can see the time directly on sunlight very easily, a flexibility which was absent in the OLED display of the first version of Sony Smartwatch. For this reason, most of the earlier Sony Smartwatch 2 reviews praised the display. However, there were some other Sony Smartwatch 2 reviews which bashed the lower display resolution.


Sony smartwatch 2 notifies you about the emails and status updates of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites efficiently. As a result, you can mess less with your smartphone and save plenty of time. The device can also notify you whenever any call comes to your phone. The previous Sony smartwatch 2 reviews have admired its great notification system.


The performance of the device is simply outstanding. It runs different apps smoothly. The previous Sony smartwatch 2 reviews had praised the device for its great performance.

This is the end of the Sony Smartwatch 2 review. If you are a cost conscious person who prefer to buy a handy smartwatch at a lower price, then you should go for Sony Smartwatch 2.