Sony FES Watch; Closer Look at the Minimal, but Amazing Approach

If you’re looking for something that is more than just a typical smartwatch, then considering something with a more minimal approach may be the way to go. This is where the new Sony FES Watch comes in as it takes a bit out of a more minimal, but amazing approach and integrates it into one of the most fashionable upcoming Android smartwatches.

Sony looks to add a new sense of appeal while making their new Sony FES Watch hold a more modern appeal, which is ultimately expected to appeal to consumers looking for much more. It goes without saying that sometimes less is more, and the black and white modern design says it all.

Sony FES Watch; Look at the Minimal, but Amazing Approach

Built on the concept of e-ink technology, the FES Watch the FES Watch is much more than just another Android smartwatch. E-ink technology makes it possible for users to change out colors and add numerous options to both the display and band. There will be more than 20 Sony FES Watch options pre-set with many more available for purchase.

The FES Watch will have less features than some of the other top Android smartwatches on the market today, but will have a much cheaper price as well. Those who gave money to fund the project itself will be able to pick up the new Sony FES Watch sometime in May.

Sony is also looking to extend the functionality of their E-ink technology into other forms of wearable tech. There is talk that the new technology will also be featured in the upcoming Sony Smart Glasses, and other forms of Sony exclusive wearable tech trends.

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