Sony Attach SmartGlasses Looks to Make a Wearable Tech Trend in 2015

Sony is quickly proving that Google is not the only tech manufacturer that can make a name in the smartglasses industry, and 2015 looks to be a true testament to this. As Sony looks to launch new tech wearables throughout the year, the new Sony Attach Smartglasses looks to capitalize on those still stuck on the Google Glass concept.

As Google has become the pioneer for SmartGlass technology, they have never lived up to the hype that was initially created. 2015 is looking promising or Sony, especially when looking closer at their upcoming Sony Attach SmartGlass concept.

Sony Attach SmartGlasses


The idea to transform a pair of glasses into Smartglasses is what the Attach concept is all about. Affixing to a compatible pair of glasses and literally transforming them into SmartGlasses is quite unique, but will be limited surrounding the launch.

As of this time there is no official launch date or price, but current speculation has the Sony Attach SmartGlasses price around the $1000 mark. Expected to debut sometime this year, most analysts believe Sony will be looking to release the Attach before Google releases the releases their second edition Google Glasses 2.

The Attach is expected to fully extend Sony this year as the upcoming release of the new Sony Smart Glasses is already peaking consumer interest. With the new bolt on Sony Smart Glasses, Sony is expected to make a huge splash into new wearable tech trends for 2015.

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