Sonic Dash Android Game App Review and Free Download

Sonic has returned in one of the best looking Android game apps in Sonic Dash. Sonic Dash Android is a free game that provides you the same fun that we have all grown to love, and plays great on any Android smartphone or tablet. The 3D rendered environments will have you playing for hours on end while jumping through obstacles with many customizable gameplay options.

Sonic Dash Android game app gives you all the excitement of Sonic anywhere, and any time. Enjoy new Sonic abilities, difficult bosses, great graphics, and the ability to choose which Sonic characters you want to play as. Challenge your friends and family with any of the challenging levels through Facebook sharing options.

Sonic Dash Android Game App Review and Free Download

While the game itself is 100% free, there are many in-game purchases that you can choose from. While none of them are needed to pay Sonic Dash for Android, many of them will extend many of the in-game options itself. Ultimately, many of the purchases add to the playability and excitement of the game itself which may have you either hating the game all-together, or purchasing many optional upgrades.

Sonic Dash Android Game App Features

Below are all the top Sonic Dash Android Game App Features:

  • Supported on both tablet and Android smartphones
  • 3D rendered environments
  • New Sonic abilities and features
  • Customization option including choosing which character you want to play as
  • Connect with friends and family through Facebook and challenge others in gameplay

Free Sonic Dash Android Game App Download

You can quickly install the free Sonic Dash Android game app download through the exclusive link below:

Sonic Dash for Android

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