Snapchat Latest News: New Desktop App being Released, Context Cards to Feature More Robust Business Information, Longform Sci-Fi Thriller Story Coming in a Series of Texts

Recently, Snapchat has been found to lose 2M more users in Q3 2018. As the number might rise in the coming days, the company has started to bring several new features in the multimedia messaging app. It is planning to enable context cards to contain enhanced business information. It is also introducing a long from Sci-Fi thriller story series. The company has also released the desktop version of the app. You will find all these things in this Snapchat latest news article.

Snapchat Latest News - New Desktop App being Released

Snapchat Latest News: New Desktop App being Released    

Snapchat has brought its app for both Mac and Windows desktops. The new software is known as Snap Camera. It allows you to use the Snapchat Lenses in a variety of other applications, including Skype, YouTube, Twitch and Google Hangouts. To get started, you need to download and install the Snap Camera on your desktop. The app will synchronize with the camera. Now, you can use the lenses to record videos for different purposes, including capture footage for your new YouTube videos.

The interface is pretty interesting. It looks much like a plug-in, rather than a dedicated app. However, it is very user friendly. So, you will have no problem using it.

With the desktop version being released, Snapchat might see a significant increase in the total number of users. As said earlier, it has already lost a huge user base in Q3. The strategy of launching desktop will draw the attention of a lot of people, who might feel to use Snapchat Lenses, rather than their smartphone camera, to record high quality videos.

Snapchat Latest News - Context Cards to Feature More Robust Business Information

Snapchat Latest News: Context Cards to Feature More Robust Business Information

Recently, Yext, the digital knowledge management platform, has been integrated with Snapchat. As a result, the multimedia messaging will receive several enhanced features. The most notable one is the highly improved version of Context Cards, which was introduced a year ago. They used to enable you to get access to customer reviews, reservations, booking rides and a handful of stuffs pretty easily.

However, there was a lack. The business details, like address and the hours of operation, were not being displayed on the cards. But with the Yext integration, the Context Cards will be enabled to show them in a highly effective and exciting way. It will help the businesses to draw the attention of more consumers. But more importantly, it will pave the way of enhancing revenue massively, provided that the right marketing strategy has been implemented.

Snapchat Latest News - Long form Sci-Fi Thriller Story Coming in a Series of Texts

Snapchat Latest News: Longform Sci-Fi Thriller Story Coming in a Series of Texts

Hooked, a chat fiction making app, will bring its first longform story for the world’s most popular multimedia messaging app. According to Variety, it will be about a South Asian-American college student, who finds that his dead sister had the ability to deal with the dark matter. It will be a series of five stories.

Hooked is a celebrity owned mobile app. Here, the renowned celebrities, including Ashton Kutcher and Snoop Dogg, have invested over $15. It has already produced over a thousand of stories, which have been read by 100 million people worldwide.

Hooked has a great reputation for released highly engaging, interesting and exciting stories. It will be really interesting to see the impact of its partnership with Snapchat in driving more users to the multimedia messaging platform.

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