5 Upcoming Smartwatches for Android that will Buzz Everywhere in 2016

The smartwatches for Android are no longer considered as luxurious accessories. Rather, they have started to become essential parts of our lives due to the inclusion of different technologies, like heart rate monitor system and the ability to track the number of steps. And in 2016, they have become more advanced than ever before.

In this article, you will find 5 amazing, upcoming smartwatches for Android that will take everyone by a storm. Take a look at them.

Smartwatches for Android - HTC One Smartwatch

Smartwatches for Android: HTC One Smartwatch

While HTC is mainly known for its impeccable smartphones, rumors are suggesting that the Taiwanese company will enter into the market of the wearable devices with a new smartwatch, called HTC One. It will be dust and waterproof. So, it will be a great device for the outdoor enthusiasts. And more importantly, it will be compatible with not only Android but also iOS devices. So, it will definitely attract a huge number of consumers.

Smartwatches for Android - Samsung Gear S2 by de Grisogono

Smartwatches for Android: Samsung Gear S2 by de Grisogono

At Basel World 2016, Samsung announced to team with de Grisogono to create a luxurious model of Gear S2 smartwatch. It has been built with 56 white diamonds and 71 black diamonds, which make it one of the most luxurious wearable devices of all time. However, the specification is as same as the original Gear S2. If you are looking for luxurious device, it is definitely one of the best smartwatches for Android for you.

Smartwatches for Android - Samsung Gear S3

Smartwatches for Android: Samsung Gear S3

Samsung is strongly expected to refresh its smartwatch lineup in September with the new Gear S3.  The device is expected to have a Super AMOLED display supporting the Always-On technology. It is also rumored to feature a powerful hardware, including 1 GHz Exynos SoC processor and 1 GB RAM. So, expect a very fast performance. Overall, it will be one of the hottest smartwatches for Android in 2016.

Smartwatches for Android - Michael Kors Access Collection

Smartwatches for Android: Michael Kors Access Collection

Michael Kors Acess collection is one of the eight wearable brands of the Fossil Group. It will bring two amazing smartwatches in this year. The first one has a dazzling gold case. The second one has a black, sporty design. Both of them look absolutely stunning. In terms of design, they will definitely become the best smartwatches for Android in this year.

Smartwatches for Android - Tissot Smartwatch

Smartwatches for Android: Tissot Smartwatch

Tissot smartwatch had been unveiled at the Baselworld 2016 and is expected to be released in the late 2016. It comes with the ceramic bezel, titanium case and sapphire crystal face. As a result, it looks very stylish. A unique feature of the device is the ability to get the battery charged by the sun. If you are an environment friendly person who is looking to buy a stylish wearable device, Tissot Smartwatch can be one of the best smartwatches for Android for you.

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