Smart Clothes; The Future of Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is the new craze as the many conveniences, healthy habits, and entertainment purposes they bring will only allow this to continue. Smart Clothing will be the newest kid on the block in 2015 as smartwatches, smartglasses, and fitness bands will not be replaced, but be complimented.

Smart Clothes wearable tech is believed to the new trend as analysts predict that it will become the hottest technology over the coming years. Many of the top clothing manufacturers have already taken notice as the likes of Nike, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, and many others have started creating fashionable wearable tech clothing. Whether you are an avid running, cyclist, tennis player, basketball player, or other fitness enthusiast, you are destined to take notice of things to come.

Smart Clothes

CES 2015 Will be a Showcase for Trends New Wearable Smart Clothes

Wearable Smart Clothes has been sort of a mystery, and the average consumer doesn’t know the technology even exists. This is expected to change in the next few months as the future of wearable technology will be displayed for all to see at the annual CES event in Las Vegas.

The January event will display many of the future trends of smart clothing including the new D-Shirt. The D-Shirt is currently in beta production from Cityzen Science and is expected to come with integrated technology for sensing movement, heart rate, speed, breathing, and more. The new techno advanced shirt will also have GPS technology within the shirt itself.

The idea behind Smart Clothes technology means that the integrated sensors will be closer to the skin. This allows for more accurate readings, faster notifications, quicker results, and a more in-depth analysis.

The Fashion behind Wearable Smart Clothes

Whoever said that fitness can’t be fashionable was dead wrong, and this will be noticed in the next generation of smart clothing. Some of the top manufacturers of clothing will be teaming up with some of the best manufacturers of fitness devices. This means fashionable wearable smart clothes as we look towards the next gen.

Safety will be a New Trend of Wearable Tech

Fitness will not be the only statement of wearable tech in the coming year. Safety will also be integrated as some of the safety measures of wearable clothing has already been seen. The Visijax Commuter Jacket uses wearable technology built right into the jacket itself to improve a cyclist’s safety.

The Visijax Commuter has an integrated battery that is rechargeable that powers a set of LED lights. The lights automatically activate in low lighting situations and when riding at night, increasing the safety of the cycler. The jacket is also waterproof, and has venting which helps keep the rider much cooler.

More things to come on Wearable Tech and Smart Clothes in 2015

While wearable tech and smart clothes are still somewhat new, the idea is expecting to take off in 2015. Many of the top clothing and tech manufacturers are beginning to start the next trend of wearable technology, and we are expecting to see more to come over throughout the year.

CES will debut many new trends as the insight of things to come will surely have us wanting more. With the predictions of many tech analysts that wearable technology will surpass smartwatch and fitness band sales by the year 2017, it will be interesting to see this new trend up close and personal.

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