Sega is Opting out of Google Play, Hurry Before It’s Too Late

Sega has just announced they are pulling many of their games out of the Google Play Store due to the standards that Sega has tried to maintain over the years. Over the next few weeks, Sega intends on pulling many of their games from Google Play, Amazon, Apple Store, and the Samsung App Store that no longer meets the standards of Sega.

There’s been no announcement as to which games would no longer be available, but they have stated this would not affect those who have already downloaded Sega Android games. The games that have already been purchased will still be available and consumers will still see them within your downloaded apps.

Sega is Opting out of Google Play, Hurry Before It's Too Late

At the present time, there is over 30 Sega games that are available for download and if you want to continue to play them, you may want to hurry and download them before their gone. Some of the games available include Crazy Taxi, Sonic Jump Fever, After Burner Climax, and many more. Some of the pulled games may return in an updated version, but this has yet to be determined.

Some of the Sega Google Play games are available as a free download while some are paid apps. Over the years, Sega has built a good name for themselves, and the recent announcement is likely to help maintain that for years to come.

List of all Sega Google Play Games Available for Download

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