Scout 5000 Smartphone Dog Collar; New 2015 Wearable Tech for Animals

Up until now, wearable tech has been for use of for people, but at this year’s CES event we have seen a new dimension of wearable technology. The Scout 5000 smartphone was introduced, but brought forth a huge twist of what most analysts are saying is the future of mobile technology.

The Scout 5000 smartphone is wearable tech as we know it, but for dogs. The unique dog collar is a unique smartphone that provides GPS tracking so that you will always know where your dog is at all times. Introduced as a way of monitoring a dog’s health, location, and physical activity, the newest addition of 2015 wearable tech is expected to become popular with animal lovers.

Scout 5000 Smartphone

The Scout 5000 isn’t exactly your standard smartphone, but uses smartphone technology to help you monitor your dog much closer. Through the use of a 3G data plan, the bulky Scout 5000 smartphone makes it possible to see things that you just can’t see. Like a smartphone, the data plan will require owners to activate with a cellular carrier to take advantage of many of the Smart 5000 smartphone features.

With a 720p HD display, the owner will have a pretty good viewing display to see surroundings and will also make a good home security feature. The real-time recording feature will also allow owners to playback any recorded timeframes.

The new tech is much more suited for larger dogs as the techie dog collar is very large in stature. A smaller version called the Scout 2500 smartphone is expected to have many of the same great features, but will not the webcam or real-time recording features. The Scout 5000 smartphone price will be just under $200, and the smaller 2500 will retail for $99. Both are expected to be released at many a pet store near you by the end of the summer.

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