Saygus V2 Top Multimedia 2015 Android Smartphone Boasts 320 GB Memory

As the race for the top 2015 Android smartphones is already underway, there is one that truly is becoming the top choice for multimedia users. Enter the Saygus V2, boasting huge memory options that will hold more pictures, songs, apps, and downloads then you would have ever imagined. As consumers have already taken notice of the upcoming Saygus V2 release evident with the huge success of early preorders.

The Saygus V2 smartphone will have two available memory slots that will hold two 128 GB micro SD cards. It will also feature 64 GB of internal memory bringing the grand total of available memory to 320 GB. This expected to appeal to those looking for much more than we have seen in other smartphones, and one that many are regarding as one of this year’s best.

Saygus V2 Boasts 320 GB Memory

Aside from the memory, the other Saygus V2 specs include a 5” capacitive touchscreen, quad-core 2.5 GHZ processor, 3 GB RAM, and a 21 MP rear and 13 MP front-facing camera. Optical image stabilization, fingerprint scanner, Gorilla Glass 4, and all the typical scanners in any high end smartphone will be found.

Beside the amazing multimedia capabilities, the camera specs of the V2 is expected to appeal to those looking for the high quality camera. With the 21 MP rear camera and the amazing 13 MP front camera, it will be hard to find higher end camera specs in any 2015 Android smartphone.

Despite the specs and features, the Saygus V2 price will be the best selling point. With early-bird preorders already coming and going from Saygus for $549, the launch day price will be $599, and up to $700 in the US for an unlocked V2 smarpthone. Stay tuned for more info, including all there is to know on the release date.