Saygus V2 Android Smartphone Debuts at CES with 320 GB of Internal Memory

If you were looking for a smartphone with an almost endless of internal memory, then it’s time to look again. CES brought forth another first with the Saygus V2 Android smartphone as it comes standard with more internal memory than you may have imagined.

As smartphones have begun to come standard with 128 GB options, the Saygus V2 more than doubles that. The new V2 will be released in early 2015 and will sport an amazing 320 GB of memory. With what most are calling the Super Smartphone, the nearly endless amount of memory will give you more options than most can imagine.

It’s hard to imagine a smartphone with more memory than some computers, but the new Saygus V2 smartphone does just that. We’re talking thousands of MP3’s, videos, pictures, apps, and anything else you can imagine cramming into one device. With two micro SD slots and 64 GB of internal memory, the V2 is being dubbed as a multi-media powerhouse.

Saygus V2 Android Smartphone

Saygus V2 Specs and Features

The Saygus V2 specs and features look equally impressive and sports an amazing 5”, full HD 1080p display. The quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.5 ghz processor will be comparable to most 2015 Android smartphone releases. 3 GB RAM, 21 MP rear camera, Harmon Kardon speakers, fingerprint scanner, and integrated wireless charging round out the specs ad features of the Saygus V2 smartphone.

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