Samsung Reviews: Galaxy A5 Packed with a Superb Mid-Range Specification, Galaxy A7 Comes with Impressive Battery Back-Up time

If you have any plan to purchase Android smartphones, you must take a look on the Samsung reviews. It will help you to get a great idea about the top smartphones of the Korean tech giant.

In this article, you will find a detailed review on the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7.

Samsung Reviews - Galaxy A5 Packed with a Superb Mid-Range Specification

Samsung Reviews: Galaxy A5 Packed with a Superb Mid-Range Specification

The design of the Galaxy A5 looks quite similar to the Galaxy S6. If you look at the front and rear of the device, you will feel that it is actually the Galaxy S6. But if you look at it more closely, you will find that the glass and metal frame have been merged seamlessly.

The Galaxy A5 has a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED Full-HD display. It offers rich and deep colors, which not only benefits gaming but also makes the look of the apps incredibly stunning. It also allows you to read the texts pretty easily.

In terms of performance, the Galaxy A5 is a great mid-range device. According to Samsung reviews, it has scored 40,931 points, which is almost equal to the score of Nexus 5X. Thanks to the inclusion of 1.6-GHz octa-core Exynos 7580 chipset and 2 GB RAM. It also has an internal storage of 16 GB. Unlike Galaxy S6, it can be expanded. Thanks to the microSD card slot.

The Galaxy A5 comes with a 13-MP primary camera and 5-MP secondary camera. Though they can take dazzling photos in bright light, they fail to show an impressive performance in the dark interior.

The new device sports a powerful 2,900 mAh battery. It has an outstanding endurance rating of 91 hours. According to Samsung reviews, despite having such a large capacity, the battery can be charged fully in an hour. Thanks to the quick charging technology.

Overall, the Galaxy A5 is a great device in terms of performance and battery. But in terms of camera performance, it is not perfect.

Samsung Reviews - Galaxy A7 Comes with Impressive Battery Back-Up time

Samsung Reviews: Galaxy A7 Comes with Impressive Battery Back-Up time

The Galaxy A7 looks quite similar to its counterpart. But it comes with an even larger size. It has a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display, which is able to produce a razor sharp view.

The Galaxy A7 comes with the same 13-MP rear and 5-MP front cameras. Like the shooters of the Galaxy A5, they can take great photos only good light, but not in a darker environment. So, it is a bit disappointing.

The Galaxy A7 has been equipped with the same processor as the Galaxy A5. But it has more RAM of 3 GB. However, it fails to boost the performance of the device significantly. The device is found to lag every once in a while. According to different Samsung reviews, the TouchWiz feature might have not been well suited to the device, which results in the lagging issue. So, it is not a speedy device. But that doesn’t mean it is terribly slow.

In the AnTuTu benchmark test, the Galaxy A7 has scored only 34395.33 points. It is significantly less than the score of 35638.33 points of the Galaxy A5.

But on the bright side, the Galaxy A7 comes with an incredibly powerful 3,300 mAh battery. According to Samsung reviews, it enables the device to last for 9 and half an hour, which is very impressive.

Overall, if you want to have a device that is bigger and comes with a powerful battery, the Galaxy A7 is the right choice for you. But if you emphasize on hardware and camera performance, it will not be a suitable option for you.

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