Samsung Gear VR adds new Meaning to the Word Unique

If you’re looking for something truly new and unique, than the Samsung Gear VR is something to consider. The virtual reality headset provides a truly unique user experience, and one that is nearly impossible to get with any other tech device.

Unlike other virtual reality devices, the Samsung Gear VR headset is something worth buying that truly shows the direction the tech manufacturer is heading in. The beta device has already been released in limited markets, and has been dubbed as the Innovator Edition which lives up to its premise.

Samsung Gear VR

The Innovator Edition headset is for a narrow range of consumers as you have to appreciate this type of technology in order to enjoy it. While most analysts would say that the Gear VR is not for everyone, diehard virtual reality enthusiasts will fall in love with the unique gaming experience. The creativity and responsive nature of the headset itself is unlike any other, and one that is expected to increase in popularity.

The Samsung Gear VR price is something that would deter some, and entice others. Die hard enthusiasts would say that the $199 price tag is just a small price to pay, and others would say that it’s too much. Something to consider is that the Gear S is only compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 and Note 4, and is best suited with the optional Samsung Gamepad. Consumers can find a Samsung Gear VR bundle for $249 which includes the headset and gamepad. It’s believed that in order to get the full gaming experience, the gamepad is a must-have.

As of this time, the consumers can purchase the virtual reality headset directly from Samsung or AT&T, and can even be found in limited markets for much higher price at some in-mall kiosks. There are rumors on a final product release, but no official announcement at this time.