Samsung Galaxy S9 News: New Teasers Reveal Three Key Features, Speakers to Receive a Major Improvement

The Galaxy S9 is scheduled to be revealed at the MWC 2018. As we are heading towards the event, the news and rumors about the potential features is being intensified more than ever before. They have created a massive buzz in the tech community. In this article, you will find two of the hottest Samsung Galaxy S9 news that are shaking the entire smartphone industry. Take a look at them.

Samsung Galaxy S9 News - New Teasers Reveal Three Key Features

Samsung Galaxy S9 News: New Teasers Reveal Three Key Features

Samsung has recently released three new teasers of its next-gen flagship smartphone. They have revealed three different game-changing features.

The first teaser begins with a montage of the first paced sports. It ends with a footage of gliding with the wingsuit, where the pace is slowed down dramatically. It strongly suggests that the Galaxy S9 camera will be equipped with the Super Slow Mo technology. As the name suggests, the feature will enable you to capture spectacular footage in slow motion. But it will be much different from the existing technology. You can record slow-mo videos at 1,000 fps. You will also be able to record 4K videos at 120fps, which is much better than the 60 fps delivered by the latest iPhones.

The second teaser begins with two persons walking in the woods in the moonlight and ends with capturing a razor sharp photo of a deer. It clearly shows that the Galaxy S9 shooter will have an outstanding ability to take crystal clear shots under the low light condition. Earlier, a larger number of reports claimed that the camera lens would have a larger aperture. It will allow more light to reach the sensor, which will result in a super-sharp photography. In the last few years, Samsung has fallen behind Google’s Pixel lineup in terms of the low light camera performance. Any improvement in this area will be a welcome addition. It will be really interesting to see how the upcoming phone shooters compete against its rivals.

The third teaser is the most amazing one. It reveals two exciting features that we have already seen on the iPhone X. They are face recognition technology and animoji. The teaser shows a man making different expressions throughout the day in different situations, including watching movies, playing video games and lifting weights. All of them are being noted instantly, which strongly suggests about the inclusion of face recognition technology. At the end, all of these expressions are transformed into the 3D animated animojis, just like the iPhone X. While the feature is not new, it can draw the attention of a massive number of consumers.

All these cool features will definitely help Samsung to drive a massive number of consumers away from its rivals, including Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S9 News - Speakers to Receive a Major Improvement

Samsung Galaxy S9 News: Speakers to Receive a Major Improvement

Recently, a Redditor has tested a pre-production version of the Galaxy S9. The device is equipped with the Snapdragon 845 processor. He took Reddit to answer several questions regarding the next-gen phone. He has confirmed that the Galaxy S9 will be packed with dual stereo speakers having upgraded capabilities. More specifically, he mentions that the audio setup will be produced by Dolby. It strongly suggests about the inclusion of Dolby Atmos sound system. The technology generates a three dimensional sound effect, which is very enjoyable while watching movies. If it really happens, the Galaxy S9 will become the no. 1 device for cinema lovers. It will help Samsung to get an upper edge over all of its competitors.

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