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Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors on a Full Metal Design and Edge Concept

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The popularity of Samsung smartphones have decreased significantly as seen with the sales of the Galaxy S5, and in the upcoming releases we are expecting to see some huge changes. One of the biggest concept changes comes from the outer body surround of the famed Galaxy S series. New Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors centers around a full-metal body that is expected to increase the visual appeal as well as the overall durability.

The plastic surround that we have come to know with the Galaxy S series smartphones is expected to be replaced with a metal surround. Many have been calling for this with the previous releases, and it seems the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors will hold true.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors Metal

We are also hearing more and more on the possibility of a Galaxy S6 Edge. The popularity of the Note Edge has spawned the newest Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors as it’s likely we will see to versions of the S6. The S6 Edge would incorporate the side Edge controls that are independent of the viewing screen and is likely to cost slightly more.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is likely to remain a plastic version which is comparable to the Note 4 and original Note Edge, but is still likely to become a consumer favorite. It will be interesting to see if the metal design and S6 Edge concept will help Samsung regain their market share, which is just what’s intended with the upcoming S6 release.

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