Samsung Galaxy S6 Gear VR Innovator Edition Now Available, $199

Today marks the day when you can purchase the Gear VR Innovator Edition that’s compatible with both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Samsung and Best Buy is now taking orders for the Gear Virtual Reality headset, but you’ll have to wait until May 15 to use it for the first time. The launch price is only $199 with free shipping.

Those who already preordered the Samsung Galaxy S6 Gear VR Innovator Edition will also have to wait until the 15th, and those who don’t purchase it before will probably have to wait some time before getting a chance to buy it again.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Gear VR Innovator Edition Now Available, $199

Preorders have become very popular with looking to expand the functionality with the recent release of the Galaxy S6, and the Innovator Edition is the only way to interface Gear VR with the S6. For an in-depth look at all the features, you can check out this review on the Gear VR headset.

Both Samsung and Best Buy are offering free shipping, and are likely to start shipping just before the 15th so you can start playing the same day as everyone else. Those looking for an international Gear VR can purchase one right now on Amazon for $299, and also with free shipping.

The Innovator Edition combines the amazing visuals from the Super Amoled screen and provides the perfect immersive gaming experience with Oculus technology. You can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S6 Gear VR Innovator Edition through the direct links below.

Gear VR Innovator Edition through Samsung

Gear VR Innovator Edition through Best Buy

Gear VR Innovator through Amazon

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