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New Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Video Details the Production and Attention to Detail that Goes into Every Handset

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There’s little doubt that the Galaxy S6 Edge is the next best thing, but have you ever wondered what all goes into making it all work. A new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge video and all that goes into making it the best-selling phone out there. The production times are significantly more than any other phone on the market, including the standard Galaxy S6.

The huge consumer interest into the dual-Edge design has caused significant delays worldwide. This video details the huge attention to detail in every new handset, and just why it’s taking so long to get here. Many consumers have already gotten their hands on the GS6 Edge, but there are still so many who are waiting for it to arrive.

Get more insight into what you’ll be holding onto for the next couple of years in the Production Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge video below.

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