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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Sales Equals the Sales of the S6; Surpass Early Projections

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With almost a week after the launch, the current Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge sales have beat out the initial projections by a long-shot. Prior to the release, Samsung was estimating that the standard Galaxy S6 sales would surpass the Galaxy S6 Edge in the first week by nearly 8:2, but now, less than one week later the results are in.

With the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge sales surpassing all expectations, this leads us to believe that a true masterpiece has been created. While we knew that both models would be popular among consumers worldwide, I don’t believe that anyone though the S6 Edge would be this popular. Now, with sales of the S6 Edge nearly 50% of all sales for both S6 models, it’s giving Samsung something to worry about.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Sales Equals the Sales of the S6

Prior to each new release, smartphone manufacturers put their team of experts together to project what sales are expected to be so they know how much of an end product needs to be produced. With the S6 Edge sales so high in the first week, we’re expecting to see more shipping delays for the Edge variant.

Delays are expected to be more with the Edge considering the time it takes to build the S6 Edge which is significantly more when comparing the two handsets. During the opening week in Korea, total sales topped the 300,000 mark which shatters any previous Korea Galaxy S smartphone release in the first week.

To maintain the current trend of consumer interest, Samsung needs to keep up with the laws of supply and demand. If the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge sales continue with the current trend, shipping delays can reach well over a couple of weeks. If this happens, it will be interesting to see how consumers respond, especially considering the many other new flagships expected in the next couple of months.

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