Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Rumors; What we Know So Far

We know it’s coming, but it’s just a matter of when, where, how much, and what will be featured in the Plus sized Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Rumors on the slightly larger variant of the best-selling S6 Edge is believed to launch in most markets globally during towards the end of Q3, and presumably just before the Galaxy Note 5.

Breaking down the many Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus rumors is will give you a pretty good idea of things to come, although the following has yet to be confirmed by Sammy itself. New rumors are suggesting the S6 Edge Plus will feature a 5.5” display, and not the 5.7” display which was earlier reported.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Rumors; What we Know So Far

Either way, it’ll be bigger, badder, and most likely more expensive. With the GS6 Edge being one of the most expensive smartphones on the market right now, we’re slightly hesitant to find out the price of the S6 Edge Plus.

Of course the dual Edge controls will be featured along with Corning Gorilla Glass 4, all metal body, fingerprint scanner, and many of the same specs seen in the standard GS6 Edge. We’re also hearing rumors the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will feature the Qualcomm 808 processor instead of the Exynos Octa-core 7420 processor seen in the GS6 Edge.

We’ll continue to bring you all the rumors until Samsung unveils the phone which is almost certain to be within the next couple of months. With the Note 5 rumored to be unveiled at the end of August to 1st week in September, we’re expecting to hear something official either late July to early September.