Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Now Available Through AT&T for $0 Down

Right now, AT&T is the only carrier where you can purchase the rugged version of the Galaxy S6, and it’s now available for $0 down. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active has been rumored for months, and now its available for purchase on the AT&T Next installment plan that lets you pay nothing today, and walk out with a brand new S6 Active.

The Galaxy S6 Active boasts many features that was lacking in the standard S6 including waterproof and dustproof features. The rugged design is what the Active models are known for, and it’s now featured in the top-rated Galaxy S smartphone yet.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Now Available Through AT&T for $0 Down

There are four installment options on for AT&T Next including:

  • AT&T Next 24 – $0 money down, $23.17/month for 30 months
  • AT&T Next 18 – $0 money down, $28.96/month for 24 months
  • AT&T Next 12 – $0 money down, $34.75/month for 20 months
  • AT&T Next 12 with down payment – 30% down due at signing ($209), $17.36/month for 28 months

When you purchase the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, they are willing to give you 50% off on a wireless charger. Wireless charging has become a new feature of all Galaxy S6 models and allows you to wirelessly charge your phone simply by placing the phone on a charging matt.

The S6 Active boasts a 5.1” Quad Super Amoled HD display, 16MP rear camera, 5MP front camera,  3500 mAh battery with fast charging, and an Exynos 64-bit octa-core processor. You can check out the full details on this no money down offer on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 Active through the exclusive link below.

Purchase the GS6 Active through AT&T

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